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360Academy is a bilingual after-school program run by Starz Children Foundation, a non-profit organization.  We offer an affordable and high quality after-school program for Fremont School District elementary school (FUSD) students. 


Our after-school program provides language lessons (optional in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French), homework club, academic enrichment in English, coding, Math Olympiad and Math Kangaroo prep.  We locate within the Fred E. Weibel elementary school campus in Room 28.

Child Safety


Child safety is paramount.  That is the reason we envision an afterschool program that is school-based - a location that is trustworthy.  Our program location is a place where the children are familiar with that little effort is needed for any adjustment.  While eliminating the need of additional transportation, parents can drop off their children for school in the morning and pick them up home bound after work at the same spot.

​Our Staff

Our staff are friendly and experienced teachers for various academic subjects. We provide quality academic foundation to help our students to excel in their schoolings.

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©2024-2025 by 360Academy. 510-766-4010 .

360Academy™ is an educational program operating under Starz Children Foundation, Inc., a 501c(3) nonprofit organization in Fremont, California.  ©All right reserved.

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