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~   Advisor   ~

TRIFFANY (Head Teacher)

Triffany founded 360Academy as she is passionate about children and their education.  She has been tutoring K-G12 since 1990.  She is particularly interested in teaching Math and Science and aspired to assist children in achieving their academic goals.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and Master of Science degree in Financial Management from University of London.  Triffany is a life member of California Scholarship Federation and has pronounced achievement in financial analytics.

~   Subject Tutoring   ~

ADELPHA (Writing)

Adelpha is currently a rising sophomore at UCLA majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science with a SAT composite score of 1530.  She is currently involved in Interaxon, a club focused on teaching neuroscience to students at underserved K-12 schools.  Adelpha has vast experience in tutoring through the Mission San Jose Elementary Homework Club where she gave back and benefited children in her community.

ANANTA (Geometry Honor, Calculus Honor)

Ananta is a rising sophomore at University of California San Diego with a Neurobiology major and pursuing the Pre-med track.  She has 5 years of tutoring experience and have taught AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and various math subjects including: Algebra 1, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, and SAT Math.  She is well-rounded who exceled in all her subjects in high school as well as in college.  Ananta scored 800 on the SAT Math where she is eager to share her experience with others.  She has a flexible teaching style that provides maximum benefit to students depending on their learning style.  Her main goal is to provide students with assistance & support so to achieve their full potential in any subject.

ANNA (Algebra 1 Honor, Trigonometry/Algebra 2)

Anna is a rising sophomore at UCLA majoring Neuroscience and minoring Musicology.  She is a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist and AP Scholar with distinction.  She scored 5.0 in AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology.  Anna has abundant experience working with children and has also tutored AP Biology as well as introductory college-level chemistry.

Dr. MCAVOY (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Biology Honor, Chemistry Honor)

Dr. McAvoy received her PhD in Chemistry at Caltech in 2018 and a BS double major in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biology from MIT in 2012.  She has been tutoring for 14 year middle school and became a “Teen Trend Setter” in high school teaching elementary school students how to read.  Throughout her higher educations, she served as a teacher through various roles, including TA/lecturer roles at Caltech in Biochemistry, Biophysical Thermodynamics, General Chemistry and Chemistry Lab.

DORCAS (Math G6, G7)

Dorcas is a rising junior at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Business Administration and earning a B.S. undergraduate degree from the Haas School of Business.  She excelled in all subjects throughout high school and her favorite subjects are Math and Art.  She has 3+ years of experience working individually with students to guide them to finish their daily homework, prepare for quizzes, and understand difficult concepts.  She uses a diversity of teaching approaches so that students can learn effectively in a way that works best for them.

JULIA (Physics Honor)

Julia is a rising sophomore at MIT majoring Computer Science and Molecular Biology.  She was a participant of American Math Competitions 8 (AMC8), AMC10, and Math Olympiad.  She won the Math Prize in her senior year of high school.  Julia has vast experience in teaching from local math tutoring center and peer tutoring program in high school to tutoring students on SAT Math section.

LUCAS (Pre-Caluclus Honor)

Lucas is a rising sophomore at USC majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He scored 1570 on the SAT and is a National AP Scholar (scoring 5 on 11 AP’s including Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics) and a QuestBridge National College Match Finalist.  Lucas has extensive experience teaching in both private and group tutoring settings: in the last two years, he developed and taught his own mathematics curriculum for local tutoring center and private tutoring of multiple middle and high school students.

SAMANTHA (Pre-Algebra)

Samantha is a rising sophomore at Princeton majoring Computer Science Engineering and minoring Global Health Policy and Bioengineering.  She was a National Merit Finalist and Scholarship recipient with a 1570 SAT score.  Samantha has vast experience in teaching from local math tutoring center, private tutoring, and peer tutoring program in high school and college.

~   Math Competition Coaching   ~

ANIRUDH (Math Olympiad G4-5)

Anirudh is currently a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School who has won multiple awards from math competitions held in the country.  He was a winner of Math Olympiad's George Lenchner award for 4 consecutive years.  Anirudh earned CML National Award with perfect score, a champion of Mathfax statewide pre-algebra division 1, and honorable mention at solo event of Silicon Valley Math Tournament.

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